March 4, 2021

The Best Of Female VC Lab Podcast This Week 🎙️

The Best Of Female VC Lab Podcast This Week 🎙️

Over the past several weeks, we have recorded 18 podcast episodes...

While we are migrating our content to a new website, I have compiled the 4 most popular podcast episodes that have been most popular! 

Here they are: Female VC Lab Podcast Top Downloaded Episodes

Honorable Mention: Female VC Lab Trailer

With 55 downloads, the Female VC Lab Trailer is pretty popular. It explains what the Female VC Lab Podcast is and what we cover in the podcast. It just beat out Tracy Gray from The 22 Fund.

#4: E018: Melanie Mak: BCIF

With 89 downloads, Melanie goes over BCIF and how it helps the Southern California community through micro-loans.

#3: E011: Abby Lyall: Big Idea Ventures 

With 115 downloads, Abby's VC is unique and invests in sustainable companies working in the Agriculture and Food industries.

#2: E017: Mac Conwell: RareBreed VC

With 145 downloads, Mac's podcast goes over his journey to becoming a VC and what makes him unique.

#1: E016: Natasha Bansgopaul: VegaX Holdings 

With 216 downloads, Nat's podcast goes over LPs and VegaX Holding's Blockhain Based Platform

Thank you for listening to the Female VC Lab Podcast! We will be back with new episodes next week. What’s your favorite episode from the Female VC Lab?