June 17, 2021

The Best Of Female VC Lab Podcast This Week 🎙️

The Best Of Female VC Lab Podcast This Week 🎙️

Over the past several weeks, we have recorded 13 podcast episodes...

While we are launching our content on radio stations (we'll let you know about that), I have compiled the 4 most popular podcast episodes! 

Here they are: Female VC Lab Podcast Top Downloaded Episodes

#4: E028: Han Ko: USAKO Group

USAKO Group is an international investment and accelerator company, which has presence in U.S.A. and S. Korea. The Group is an official global partner of S. Korean governmental agencies, and has played highly active roles in U.S. and S. Korean startup ecosystem for many years. 


#3: E031: Elizabeth Edwards: H Venture Partners

H Venture Partners is a female-founded, owned and controlled venture capital firm focused on purpose-driven, science-backed consumer brands.


#2: E030: Greer Tessler: Simple Food Ventures

Simple Food Ventures is a $2M mission-driven, early-stage venture fund investing in the future of healthy foods and products categorized in the better-for-you space. 


#1: E029: Nisa Amoils: a100x

We invest early stage at the intersection of blockchain/AI and impact.


Thank you for listening to the Female VC Lab Podcast! We will be back with new episodes next week. What’s your favorite episode from the Female VC Lab?