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The Female VC Lab Podcast showcases the journeys of female investors. We’re sitting down with Female VCs, Investors, GPs and LPs to talk about their funds, how they invest, how they make an impact, and their vision for the future.

Recent Episodes

E042: Maggie Vo: Fuel Venture Capital

Oct. 21, 2021

Fuel Venture Capital is committed to propelling groundbreaking ideas into world-changing companies and democratizing access to the creative economy to shape the future of society. The firm's "founder focused, investor driven…

E041: Gale Wilkinson: Vitalize VC

Oct. 14, 2021

Gale Wilkinson is the founder and Managing Partner at Vitalize, a seed fund and angel community investing in future of work + learning software. Previously, Wilkinson founded IrishAngels, one of the largest angel groups in t…

E040: Minnie Ingersoll: TenOneTen

Oct. 7, 2021

TenOneTen is an early stage venture fund based in LA investing in software and data companies. We are techies and like companies with technical differentiation.

E039: Courtney McCrea: Recast Capital

Sept. 2, 2021

Recast Capital is a 100% women-owned venture capital platform that invests in and supports top-tier emerging fund managers, with a focus on diverse partnerships. The platform includes two offerings: 1) a fund investment stra…

E038: Xiao Jean Chen: Venture Pole

Aug. 26, 2021

VenturePole is an AI-powered venture investment platform and venture capital firm. Our platform is armed with smart tools like our Investment Risk Rating, that uses machine learning to predict startup survival, alongside ou…

E037: Lavanya Bhamidipati: InHealth Ventures

Aug. 5, 2021

InHealth Ventures is a London based, health-tech focused, early stage, transatlantic fund which backs founders who are on a mission to solve painful, pervasive healthcare challenges. Through its link to the InHealth Group (t…

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