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Edith Yeung

General Partner

Edith Yeung is a General Partner at Race Capital – an early-stage Silicon Valley venture capital fund.

Edith has been integral to Race Capital's success and was named one of the 10 Most Powerful Investors in Crypto by TheInformation. She has invested in 3x Decacorns (FTX, Solana, Stellar), 1 Unicorn (Agora.io) and 60 other notable startups. In fact, when Edith invested in Solana and FTX- the crypto market had made a bigger drop than over the past few months. Having invested through multiple crypto and tech cycles, she's keenly aware that market shocks are the best time for early-stage investors to make investments.

Edith is happy to discuss her approach to investing in Web3 infrastructure, the current VC landscape, her outlook, and being a female leader in the VC space.

June 23, 2022

E055: Edith Yeung: Race Capital

Race Capital invests, builds, and partners with exceptional founders building market-transforming companies. They work side by si…

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