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Feb. 24, 2022

E044: Caroline Lewis: Rouge Women’s Fund

Rogue Women's Fund is an early seed stage venture fund investing in women-led tech companies across the US. Rogue leads and invests in areas of consumer health tech, caring economy, experience tech, and equity tech. Rogue has a founder centric …

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Feb. 17, 2022

E043: Annalise Dragic: Sapphire Ventures

Sapphire Ventures is a leading venture capital firm that partners with visionary teams and venture funds to build companies of consequence. For nearly two decades, Sapphire has been investing capital, resources and expertise in innovative startups and technology-focused venture funds …

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Oct. 21, 2021

E042: Maggie Vo: Fuel Venture Capital

Fuel Venture Capital is committed to propelling groundbreaking ideas into world-changing companies and democratizing access to the creative economy to shape the future of society. The firm's "founder focused, investor driven" approach is led by a core team with more …

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Oct. 14, 2021

E041: Gale Wilkinson: Vitalize VC

Gale Wilkinson is the founder and Managing Partner at Vitalize, a seed fund and angel community investing in future of work + learning software. Previously, Wilkinson founded IrishAngels, one of the largest angel groups in the country. Gale has led …

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Oct. 7, 2021

E040: Minnie Ingersoll: TenOneTen

TenOneTen is an early stage venture fund based in LA investing in software and data companies. We are techies and like companies with technical differentiation.

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Sept. 2, 2021

E039: Courtney McCrea: Recast Capital

Recast Capital is a 100% women-owned venture capital platform that invests in and supports top-tier emerging fund managers, with a focus on diverse partnerships. The platform includes two offerings: 1) a fund investment strategy providing LPs diversified exposure to emerging …

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Aug. 26, 2021

E038: Xiao Jean Chen: Venture Pole

VenturePole is an AI-powered venture investment platform and venture capital firm. Our platform is armed with smart tools like our Investment Risk Rating, that uses machine learning to predict startup survival, alongside our Valuation Calculator and Company Strength & Weakness …

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Aug. 5, 2021

E037: Lavanya Bhamidipati: InHealth Ventures

InHealth Ventures is a London based, health-tech focused, early stage, transatlantic fund which backs founders who are on a mission to solve painful, pervasive healthcare challenges. Through its link to the InHealth Group (the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic …

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July 29, 2021

E036: Rosie Rios: Unicorn Hunters

Unicorn Hunters spotlights emerging growth companies looking to hit the coveted $1B “unicorn” valuation mark, while rallying individual investors worldwide to help fund these breakout ventures. The show creates a new genre for audiences — enrichtainment —combines entertainment with the …

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July 22, 2021

E035: Faye Sahai: Vinaj Ventures

Vinaj Ventures is a boutique innovation and investment services firm with presence in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Atlanta. Telosity, their latest fund, is dedicated to investing in Pre-Seed and Seed-Stage companies offering both scalable and affordable mental …

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July 15, 2021

E034: Neda Amidi: Plug & Play

Plug and Play is the leading innovation platform, connecting startups, corporations, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we're present in 35+ locations across five continents. We offer corporate innovation programs and help our corporate partners …

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July 1, 2021

E033: Heather Hartnett: Human Ventures

Human Ventures is a business creation platform. We go beyond the business model and seek opportunities to build Model Businesses with ambitious founders who are innovating around Human Needs. By unlocking access to a powerful network of founders, investors and …

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June 24, 2021

E032: Lisa Carmen Wang: Republic

Republic gives people power to invest in the future they believe in by providing access to startup, real estate, crypto, and video game investments. Focused on creating a diverse, sustainable, connected world, Republic has facilitated over $300 million in investments …

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June 10, 2021

E031: Elizabeth Edwards: H Venture Partners

H Venture Partners is a female-founded, owned and controlled venture capital firm focused on purpose-driven, science-backed consumer brands. Led by a team of consumer experts with unparalleled experience as former consumer executives, the firm was co-founded by managing partner Elizabeth …

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June 3, 2021

E030: Greer Tessler: Simple Food Ventures

Simple Food Ventures is a $2M mission-driven, early-stage venture fund investing in the future of healthy foods and products categorized in the better-for-you space. We look to partner with companies and passionate founders who are creating minimally processed, nutrient-dense, and …

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May 27, 2021

E029: Nisa Amoils: a100x

We invest early stage at the intersection of blockchain/AI and impact.

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May 20, 2021

E028: Han Ko: USAKO Group

USAKO Group is an international investment and accelerator company, which has presence in U.S.A. and S. Korea. The Group is an official global partner of S. Korean governmental agencies, and has played highly active roles in U.S. and S. Korean …

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May 13, 2021

E027: Tiana Laurence: Laurence Innovation

Laurence Innovation (LI) is an investment fund powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). At a time when emerging fields like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), genetic engineering, and quantum computing are rapidly transforming the global economy, we …

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May 6, 2021

E026: Eliska Mallickova: Fidelity International Strategic Venture

FISV invests in early stage businesses redefining wealth and asset management globally and that are strategic to Fidelity International.

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April 29, 2021

E025: Bahiyah Robinson: VC Include

VC Include is an exclusive ecosystem and marketplace designed for GPs and LPs to expand investment opportunities that improve investment outcomes through the power of diversity. This ecosystem drives alpha to investors while also moving the needle on shaping a …

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April 15, 2021

E024: Pratibha Vuppuluri: Unreasonable Group

Yes, we operate immersive programs for growth-stage entrepreneurs offering solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. Yes, we are also a multi-media company, a private global network, and an investment firm. We forge unlikely partnerships with some of the world’s largest institutions …

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April 8, 2021

E023: Justine Humenansky: Playground Global

Playground Global is an early stage venture capital fund, based in Palo Alto, that invests in frontier technologies with the potential to create multi-generational impact. The table is a community for female and non-binary investors, operators, and founders in enterprise …

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April 1, 2021

E022: Jeep Kline: MrPink’s VC

We are a seed fund that invests in technology startup companies, located in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, that address global challenges. We believe that technology investment should not be confined to mainstream hubs like Silicon Valley, London, or …

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March 25, 2021

E021: Amal Enan: Global Ventures

Global Ventures is an international venture capital firm, investing in founders and ideas across emerging markets. We back global-minded founders that are leading growth-stage companies and using technology to transform emerging markets and the world. The Global Ventures team is …

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